Friday, September 25, 2009

Heritage Trail 2009 Wrap Up

In an attempt to take in as much Placer County history as humanly possible, hundreds of modern day pioneers trekked from the valley to the sierras, one museum at a time. It was a weekend of discovery and family with plenty of great picnicking weather to boot.

Volunteers at all 18 museums were up to the task of sharing their specialties with an eager public whose thirst for family fun and learning was near unquenchable.

In honor of those who rode the trail this year and couldn’t get enough, and for those who missed it, the collective museums of Placer County are committed to putting on the event once again, and are already making preparations for the Heritage Trail 2010. That’ll make three years in a row, which categorically changes it from an event to a tradition.

Thanks to all the volunteers, participants, and Placer County history itself, for making the 2009 Heritage Trail weekend a rousing success.

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